During my three months in Bali I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to organise a photo shoot with Indonesian’s first female long boarder, Flora Christin. I first noticed Flora dancing on the waves out in the surf when I was in Canggu last year. I’ve followed her ever since so was pretty excited to work with her and have her wearing my jewels. After spending the day with her I was completely overwhelmed with her big heart and generous soul.

Born in Sumatra, Flora decided to rebel against what was expected of a young Indonesian woman, left her office job in Jakarta to travel and eventually ended up settling in Canggu, Bali in 2016. Having never surfed before, Flora rented a long board, braved the male dominated crowd and was out in the waves every day. She now has multiple sponsors and competes on an international level.

During my time in Bali I have felt more than 10 earthquakes/aftershocks. Feeling them from here has been scary and unsettling but nothing compared to what the people of Lombok have felt. The death toll is currently well over 500 and they are in desperate need of fresh water, medical treatment, food, blankets, clothes and new shelter as the wet season is fast approaching.

Not only has Flora donated 100% of the money she made from the photo shoot towards helping Lombok but she has spent most of her time since the initial 7.0 magnitude Earthquake that hit August 5 travelling between Bali and Lombok directly helping the people and making much needed deliveries.

For the month of September I will be donating 25% of the sale from the following rings to go towards helping the people of Lombok. I have collected these shells from beaches around Bali

You can also head to Flora’s Instagram to find out more about Lombok’s current situation and how you can help <3


Photoshoot by Jemma Scott – www.thesaltydreamers.com



Photoshoot by Jemma Scott - www.thesaltydreamers.com

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